A Deck Building Game of International Cuisine

Restauratours is a board game for 3 - 6 players. Each player is a chef/restaurateur and the deck they are building is a menu featuring delectable dishes from their region. The core game ships for 4 players with menus of Italian, French, Greek and American cuisine.

A Quick Overview

The object of the game is to become the most successful restaurateur by earning the most victory points. There are two main strategies to achieve this, but they both begin with shopping for the ingredients required to complete your recipes and add them to your menu. The chef can then serve them to earn victory points. The first main strategy is the academic approach – acquiring the skills to advance from a Line Chef to Sous Chef, then on to Chef de Cuisine (Executive Chef) and finally Master Chef. Each chef level increases the prices of your meals. The alternative strategy for growing your restaurant business is expanding to new locations to compete for additional customers. These two strategies are not exclusive. A combination of the two is the common approach and inevitable in a longer game.

In Restauratours the road to glory is not without a few surprises... beware of the Health Inspector, impress the Food Critic and roll your way to the top of the culinary profession. For more information on how to play Restauratours, check out the Game Mechanics page.